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Service King Bodies

Our Service King Bodies are built strong without the weight. Doors are recessed, double laminated, reinforced and keyed alike. They are tough, warp-resistant and tight sealing due to automotive bulb gasket seals. The Astoria hinge is heavy-duty stainless steel with steel pin and nylon bushings, and custom engineered for superior strength. We use stainless steel rotary two-stage door latches. Compartments may be outfitted with fiberglass shelves, (Patent#US6,443,544B1), that are easily adjusted. Full height bulkheads separating compartments add strength and body integrity. Molded fiberglass side compartments are rust proof, built with heavy-duty reinforcement in all stress areas. Each side compartment is mounted separately for easy repair or replacement. Recessed lighting is factory installed, meeting FMVSS 108 standards.

132" - Standard

Altec Astoria’s 132” Low Profile fiberglass body fits 84” CA chassis, with 39” high compartments. The load bed is 12 ga. steel or 1/8” aluminum, with steel channel understructure, making it strong enough for aerial devices and crane bodies. Overall depth and load bed depth are variable, and compartments can be up to 24” deep. Molded fiberglass side compartments are rust proof, built with heavy duty reinforcement in all stress areas. " href="/images/132std_3lg.jpg"> " href="/images/132std_4lg.jpg"> " href="/images/132std_5lg.jpg"> " href="/images/132std_6lg.jpg">

Canopy Plus System

The revolutionary fiberglass Canopy Plus System is loaded with new designs for a distinguished look, and ready for work on any type of job. Canopy heights may vary according to your needs. You may choose from a number of storage configurations thanks to Astoria’s specialized interior options and accessories. Astoria's exclusive Variable Molding System allows for compartment depths of 12" - 24", and raised front verticals on both sides. This heavy duty 10 pullout drawer cabinet allows you to easily reach your equipment. The drawer depths are determined by you! The horizontal compartment has a fixed shelf with dividers that creates compartments underneath. Curbside boasts a shovel basket, steel holder for oxy/acetylene tanks, small parts pullout drawers, and adjustable fiberglass shelving, (Patent#US6,443,544B1). Inside the canopy, behind the cab, is an aluminum treadplate transverse compartment that even includes a top opening lid. Full length shelves on both sides, dome lighting and plenty of headroom make this a comfortable, convenient place to work. " href="/images/canopy4.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy6.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy8.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy5.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy7.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy9.jpg"> " href="/images/canopy1.jpg">

Wingman™ Gooseneck Storage Bodies

Upgrade your fleet with Altec Astoria’s Fiberglass Wingman™ for increasing truck bed functionality. Experience efficient loading of everything from construction supplies to industrial equipment, vending machines, water tanks, and more. Turning your trailer is no problem due to its ultra-low profile design, and stored items can be retrieved while trailer is hitched. "The Wingman™ by Altec Astoria is exactly what we required for our Gooseneck Trailer & Service Body application. By going with an Altec Astoria Fiberglass body for maximum strength and durability, we optimized on weight and features while making sure we had a truck that was built to last." - Brandon Patterson, Superintendent, Osceola Water Department, Osceola, IA  
    The Wingman™ - An Astoria Fiberglass Service Body Designed For:
  • 5th Wheel Applications
  • Welder / Maintenance / Oil Patch Trucks
  • Trenching and Directional Boring
  • Municipalities
  • First Response Units
  • Underground Support Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Landscaping Applications
    The Wingman™ is an Astoria Fiberglass Utility Body teamed up with an 84”, 60” or 56” CA cab chassis, and it’s a winning combination! This low maintenance, sturdy unit includes:
  • Steel or aluminum floor
  • Heavy duty towing bumper
  • Aluminum tailgate
  • Aluminum tube cab guard with expanded metal screen
  • Molded fiberglass compartments are 24” high and built with heavy duty reinforcement for rough service.
  • Store your equipment in compartments configured the way you need them to be. Secure, organized storage!
  • Flip tops with lift-out bins and dividers allow you to take the items you require to the worksite, and are keyed like the body and cab.
    Everything you need to get the job done is at your fingertips when you have an Astoria Wingman™. Other design features and options include:
  • Keyless Electric Locks or Gang Locks Systems
  • Variable Compartment Depths up to 24” deep
  • Integrated Fender and Side Pack, a Solid One-Piece which acts as a Gusset to Prevent Cracking
  • A Variety of Fiberglass or Aluminum Shelving Options
  • Hinges are Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Steel Bolts
  • Specially Designed Latches are Stainless Steel Rotary Two-Stage
  • Adjustable Strikers are Stainless Steel
  • Nuts are Self-Locking
  • Doors are Double Laminated, Hollow Core, Reinforced, Warp-Proof and Keyed Alike
  • Automotive Bulb Gasket Door Seals for Weather Tight Compartments
  • Low-Maintenance Gelcoat Finish is Resistant to Rust, Chemicals and Peeling
  • Fiberglass is 30-35% Lighter than Steel, allowing you to Reduce the Weight while Maintaining Strength, Durability and Long-Lasting Appearance
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